Earning our spot at the top

Florida International University is now a Preeminent State Research University. Established in 2013 by the Florida Board of Governors, this preeminent designation rewards universities for their achievements in metrics related to student success, research and top national rankings.

Fastest Rising University

FIU is joining an elite group of institutions, the youngest of four to achieve preeminent status. This is the result of universitywide efforts to enrich classroom instruction and support world-class researchers.

Preeminence will open new doors for our university through increased funding and national recognition, ensuring the efforts that made today possible will be further supported into the future.

Why now?

Five years ago, FIU was designated an Emerging Preeminent State Research University. Only a few key metrics away, the university established a 5-Year Preeminence Plan to meet the final benchmarks set by the Board of Governors.

Welcome to FIU

No. 1 in Florida

FIU has earned the highest score in the State University System's performance-based metrics for the second straight year and the third time in the last four.


Welcome to FIU

Key Benchmarks

  • Average GPA and SAT scores
  • Top-50 Public University National Rankings
  • Freshman Retention Rate
  • Four-year Graduation Rate
  • Faculty National Academy Memberships
  • Total Research Expenditures
  • Science and Engineering Research Expenditures
  • Non-medical Science and Engineering Research Expenditures
  • Top-100 Disciplines for Research Expenditures
  • Utility Patents Awarded
  • Doctoral Degrees Awarded
  • Post-Doctoral Appointees

As outlined by Florida Statute 1001.7065

No. 1 in Florida

FIU has earned the highest score in the State University System's performance-based metrics for the second straight year and the third time in the last four.



Leading inside and outside the classroom

FIU was one of 12 public universities to receive a Carnegie Elective Classification for Leadership for Public Purpose designation. This designation is reserved for institutions pursuing justice, equity and liberty in both the private and public sectors.


Top rankings in Florida and beyond

The past five years have seen FIU continue its transformation from stepchild to powerhouse. Across the board, FIU topped several national rankings thanks to the tireless efforts of our renowned faculty.

No. 4Public UniversityThe Wall Street Journal

No. 19National UniversityWashington Monthly

No. 2Global ImpactTimes Higher Education

What does preeminence mean for you?

$25m New Recurring Funding

Preeminence is a great honor, but it also brings with it increased support from the State of Florida. $25 million in funding with possibly more in the years to come creates new opportunities for students, faculty and staff alike.

Law school graduates

Improving the FIU experience

New funding means a better FIU for our students, including more advisors, state-of-the-art learning equipment and career-readiness resources.

Once our FIU students become FIU graduates, their diplomas from a preeminent university will not go unnoticed, making strong resumes even stronger in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Jazmin Locke-Rodriguez with her floating cut-flower farms

Accelerating transformational research

Research is a major contributor to FIU’s preeminence, and we don’t plan on slowing down. FIU will use its new funding to support research into its areas of strategic focus: Health, Environment and Environmental Resilience, and Innovation

Social work faculty and staff

Investing in those who make us preeminent

FIU will hire and retain the renowned faculty and staff driving innovation, making an impact on local and global communities and supporting our high-achieving students.

Leading the Way Forward

Preeminence is not the finish line. Excellence knows no bounds.

We're committed to pushing forward-thinking initiatives to improve student outcomes, facilitate state-of-the-art research and work for the public good. You can be part of what makes FIU unstoppable.