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Social Media

Listing your area's social media accounts on the FIUSocial directory is required and a great way to reach your audience. In addition, FIUSocial also provides guidance on building and maintaining your online social presence.

Learn more about social media and the FIUSocial directory.

Digital Design

Websites and mobile applications are an important part of FIU's outward facing brand experience. Because of this, Digital Communications must approve all website and mobile app designs that bare the FIU logo. Any website or mobile application launched without the approval of Digital Communications is subject to removal, at the expense of the unit or office. In addition to its role as curator of the university's digital presence, the team offers a full range of creative and technical support, including:

  • Web and mobile development
  • Content strategy and evaluation
  • Digital governance strategy
  • And more

Digital Communications Policies

Need a digital solution such as an app or Web site? Is your present solution in compliance with FIU standards? Our policies and guides have all the answers.

Domain Policy

A customized Web address can be a powerful marketing tool if used correctly, but there are important factors that must be taken into consideration when creating domains, some of which may affect FIU's institutional brand.

If you are considering a subdomain for your Web presence, please contact the Division of External Relations as soon as possible. Our Digital Communications team will guide you through the process of creating an effective domain that is in-line with contemporary Web best practices and protects FIU's brand.

Unauthorized Domains:

Domains that jeopardize FIU's institutional message or are not in line with Web best practices may be subject to correction or removal at the discretion of the Division of External Relations' Digital Communications team.