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Researching birds' muscular systems to understand high blood sugar

Dietetics and nutrition student Katerine Diaz shares her summer research experience.

Studying zebrafish to understand cardiac disease

Senior biology major Chavely Valdes-Sanchez spent her summer conducting stem cell research at the Harvard Stem Cell Institute.

Which came first, hermits or kings?

A new study uses DNA evidence to confirm the relation between the enormous king crab and the much smaller hermit.

FIU College of Business' Latin American Forum now working with Latin American Caribbean Center

The partnership will bring together business leaders and scholars to advance understanding of the region.

FIU-Tsinghua University team shines in Solar Decathlon China

The team placed fifth in the international competition for their 800-square-foot structure.

FIU, M-DCPS launch biology modeling workshop for local teachers

FIU workshop provides modeling instruction training for local biology teachers.

High school students participate in cutting-edge research at FIU

The Summer Research Institute offers high school students research opportunities in FIU laboratories under the mentorship of top scientists.

Conservation ecologist puts focus on water resources management in Latin America

Elizabeth Anderson explores hydropower as a potential approach to integrated water resources management.

Robots build bridge to success for first-year STEM students

A series of physics and building challenges gets students excited before they begin their first semester at FIU.

For marine biologist Mike Heithaus, every week is shark week

Threats to sharks can imperil entire ecosystems.

College of Medicine researchers win grants for projects seeking to cure cancer, tobacco-related diseases

Professors Alexander Agoulnik and Barry Rosen each received $100,000 from the Florida Department of Health for projects focusing on diseases related to tobacco use.

AstroScience center dome has landed

The Stocker AstroScience Center achieved a construction milestone July 26 with the installation of the observatory dome.

Getting girls interested in computer science

High school teachers from around the country gathered at FIU for the Tapestry Workshop, which aims to attract more and diverse students to computer science.

Common treatment models prove effective for preschoolers with autism

A recent study co-authored by an FIU professor is the first to compare common models for educating preschoolers with autism spectrum disorder.

FIU, Zoo Miami create research partnership

Zoo Biology, the new partnership, will explore and develop research and community outreach initiatives.

Aquatic ecologist wants to free species from evolutionary traps

FIU professor Jennifer Schopf Rehage is co-author on a study explaining why and how organisms develop maladaptive behavior that endanger their survival.

FIU engineers monitor Miami-Dade’s first smart highway bridge

The SR 836 to SR 826 flyover will contain 96 embedded sensors to monitor bridge behavior and health.

Psychology professor recognized for early career achievements in child mental health research

Assistant Professor Lindsay Malloy receives a prestigious American Psychological Foundation award for her contributions to the field.

Former Pentagon official takes the helm of LACC

Frank O. Mora takes the helm of the premier center that serves as a nexus between academia and public policy in the Western Hemisphere.

GLOWS hosts South Caucasus Conference in Georgia

Members of government, business, academe and the non-governmental sector came together to discuss water sustainability in the region.

Historian publishes dissertation, tribute to late father

Rodney Earl Walton's book "Big Guns, Brave Men: Mobile Artillery Observers and the Battle for Okinawa" was the ultimate ending to a journey that began in graduate school.

U.S. Department of Defense awards $2.1 million in grants to university

Four professors in the College of Engineering and Computing and Robert Stempel College of Public Health and Social Work received grants to advance their respective research projects.

Local anglers tag fish for FIU

Jessica Lee's research on the impacts of ongoing water restoration efforts in the Everglades gets a boost of help from local anglers and the Miami Herald.

Fear of sharks helps preserve balance in the world’s oceans

A prey's fear of a shark is critical to protecting biodiversity, according to FIU researchers.

New studies on ADHD in adolescents at FIU Center for Children and Families

The Center for Children and Families is working on three new ADHD research projects that could shift ADHD treatment paradigms.

Nursing, health and hookah: Fall 2012 funding update

From culturally competent education to water pipes, research is booming at FIU. Read here about some new funding for the College of Nursing and Health Sciences and the Robert Stempel School of Public Health.

Florida 'Inventors' University

FIU is making a new effort to build its own community of inventors. A revitalized Technology Management and Commercialization office is aiming to give guidance in technology transfer, financing and opportunities for inventors.

Faculty Profiles: Inés Triay and Jorge Riera

One of the country’s leading female scientists now heads FIU’s Applied Research Center; a prominent biomedical engineering researcher joins FIU after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.

Smtg to think about: Texting could help reduce teen drinking

FIU’s Community-Based Intervention Research Group (C-BIRG) has embarked on a new research study that tests the potential effectiveness of scheduled text messaging to reduce underage drinking.

Professor studies Jewish movement in Papua New Guinea

Religious studies professor Tudor Parfitt tracks a global phenomenon of tribal people identifying themselves as a Lost Tribe of Israel.

Psychology professor recognized for HIV and drug abuse research

Raul Gonzalez received the National Institute on Drug Abuse's prestigious Outstanding Early Career Investigator Award.

Grad student creates science team to examine Everglades restoration efforts

The Coastal Angler Science Team (CAST) will examine the impacts of ongoing water restoration efforts in the Everglades.

New technique to deliver life-saving drugs to the brain

In a new published study, FIU researchers present a revolutionary technique to effectively deliver anti-HIV drug AZTTP into the brain.

Student researchers feast eyes on Cuban memorabilia

New collection of Cuban ephemera is a boon for architecture students.

Researchers uncover mystery of charcoal's fate

FIU's Rudolf Jaffé led an international team of researchers to the discovery, which could hold the key to mitigating climate change.

Meteor, asteroid put spotlight on space exploration

The occurrence of two astronomical events in one day gains worldwide attention.

Florida Coastal Everglades LTER Program goes to DC

Art, science and policy collide on a Florida Coastal Everglades Long Term Ecological Research trip to the nation's capitol.

Fishing leads to significant shark population declines, researchers say

The world’s shark population is experiencing significant decline with perhaps 100 million or more sharks being lost every year.

New research collaborative supports environmental conservation efforts in the Andean Amazon

The Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) program receives a USAID grant to expand research opportunities, education and capacity in Colombia.

Researchers combat water toxins

Chemists and environmental engineers developing new technology to destroy water toxins caused by algal blooms.

FIU to operate Aquarius Reef Base

FIU will steward the world's only operational underwater research center.

Grant for Everglades research renewed

An NSF grant renewal will continue research in the Everglades.

Hands-on research key component of DOE-FIU Fellows program

The 13 new inductees of the Department of Energy (DOE)-FIU Fellows program are being prepared to enter the DOE workforce in areas of technical need specific to environmental cleanup.

Alumna finds answers for food security with honeybees

Environmental studies graduate Stephany Alvarez-Ventura '11 recently received a USDA grant to fund her research.

Marine scientist to explore Arctic shorelines, habitats

FIU marine scientist Kevin Boswell is leading an effort to better understand the Arctic costal ecosystems and their contribution to Arctic productivity.

Music can improve concentration in some children with ADHD

From Rachmaninov to rock ’n’ roll, listening to music while studying may help some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For some, music has similar positive effects to medication.

FIU Discovery Lab telebots could help disabled officers, veterans

FIU researchers are exploring how combining telepresence and robots to help disabled police and soldiers get back into action.

FIU students awarded prestigious NSF Research Fellowships

FIU doctoral students Pamela Pimentel and Mario Consuegra receive prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, a distinction shared by numerous Nobel Prize winners, government and public policy leaders, and private industry trailblazers.

Growing an innovation ecosystem at FIU

A new “innovation ecosystem” at FIU will move research from fundamentals to industry.

Monster larva’s identity revealed

For centuries, an elusive larval creature with armor-like horns has kept its true identity a secret.

FIU joins forces with other universities to pioneer small health and environment-monitoring devices

FIU will partner with North Carolina State University, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Virginia on a national nanotechnology research effort to create small, wearable, self-powered devices that will help people monitor their health.

New Faculty Swell Ranks at FIU

As public universities across the nation grapple with another of several challenging budget years, new faculty orientation day 2012 at FIU was truly an affirming event. This year’s new additions help to advance the university’s strategic plan of building an outstanding faculty to teach its diverse and growing student body and to conduct world-class research.

Understanding preterm infant development helps ease their entrance into the world

Researchers use models to observe patterns of light and sound.

Funding brings new and renewed research opportunities

Summer months brought a variety of interesting funding opportunities to FIU, from new grants to renewed funding for existing projects including the Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (CRUSADA), Nuclear Research Interdisciplinary Program and STEM Transformation Institute.

Researchers tackle designer drug craze

FIU researchers are focused on developing new and better methods for screening synthetic drugs

Students offered rare glimpse into world of owl monkeys

At the DuMond Conservancy, FIU researchers and students conduct hands-on research on owl monkeys

FIU leads global water projects

FIU’s Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) program helps address the world’s growing water crisis

Rescuing Endangered Orchids

You may have heard stories about emergency rescues of plants or animals from habitats facing imminent destruction. This is one of those stories, except that the scope of the rescue is unprecedented and the transplantation itself was—and continues to be—of great scientific significance.

WOW – FIU unveils 12-fan Wall of Wind

The WoW is the only university research facility capable of simulating Category 5 hurricane winds.

New forensic method could help police solve crimes

New gunpowder signature developed by FIU forensic researchers could tie a shooter to ammunition

FIU researcher champions Blue Carbon

Study finds restoring seagrass meadows may reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon stores

The accidental engineer

Shekhar Bhansali’s life has taken him around the world. From his native India to Australia to Japan and finally the United States. Never one to follow the crowd, Bhansali instead chose a path that would test his ingenuity, show him new ways of approaching problems, and teach him lessons about working with people.

Faculty Profile: O. Dale Williams

O. Dale Williams, who recently joined FIU as chair of the Department of Biostatistics and interim chair of the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health in the Robert Stempel College of Public Health, grew up as a self-described “hillbilly” in the Ozark Mountains in Southwestern Missouri. He never envisioned himself heading up two academic departments at a major state university in Florida. But that’s exactly what happened.

Mariel boatlift crucial to cementing national gay movement, says FIU historian

On April 20, 1980, Fidel Castro proclaimed that any Cuban who wished to immigrate to the United States could leave. During the ensuing months, more than 125,000 Cubans fled from the port of Mariel. Among them several thousand self-identified homosexuals the communist nation deemed anti-revolutionary “undesirables.”

Neighborhood HELP™ trains 21st century physicians at FIU

Neighborhood HELP™ trains 21st century physicians at FIU

DOE Fellows: Turning students into scientists

Cleaning up the nation’s hazardous nuclear energy sites is complex, technically challenging work that requires specialized skills. Yet leaders of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management, which leads those efforts, are growing concerned: Some 80 percent of the employees with those skills will approach retirement in the next 10 years.

Surviving a Child’s Death

There may be no greater strain on a family than the death of a child. Yet hospitals, doctors, and nurses are often ill equipped to help surviving family – mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and grandparents – cope with the overwhelming emotions and stress.

The Law of Life and Death

These strange questions open a new book by FIU College of Law professor Elizabeth Price Foley. The Law of Life and Death, published by Harvard University Press, uses stories of real people to examine the laws that govern such complex, provocative issues as abortion, in-vitro fertilization, life support, cryogenics and physician-assisted suicide.

NASA supports FIU student research to improve hurricane prediction

Joseph Zagrodnik always wanted to be a meteorologist. The only thing the Wisconsin native didn’t know was which specialty of the field he would study.

You think Japan and Haiti were bad? Just wait.

FIU professor Richard Olson says if governments around the world don’t get serious about reducing disaster vulnerabilities, hundreds of thousands of people will die, and millions more will suffer.

Poverty and AIDS

Public health experts have long known that black Americans infected with HIV die sooner on average than non-Hispanic white Americans. Many experts suspected this was because black HIV patients are more likely to be poor.

Reducing Arsenic in Rice

FIU biochemist Barry Rosen’s decades of research on how organisms handle arsenic at the molecular level is now pointing to strategies that may reduce the amount of arsenic that ends up in rice. His work also has implications for toxic waste cleanup and for optimizing drugs that use arsenic compounds to treat disease.

Solar Decathlon 2011

Two years ago, architecture professor Marilys Nepomechie and a group of FIU students conceived a home design perfect for South Florida – one that could get all its energy from the sun. This fall, they traveled to Washington, D.C., and built that house for a world-renowned competition: the U.S. Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon.

FIU knowledge guiding massive Everglades restoration effort

After more than a century of developing, draining, and damming the Everglades, Floridians realized they not only were endangering the ecosystem’s unique plants and animals but also the water resources humans depend on. Now, after more than a decade of intense public, political, and scientific debate, Florida is attempting to reshape the ‘Glades once more, this time with the benevolent goal of “getting the water right.”

Residential burglaries decrease, Criminal Justice study finds

Despite poor economic conditions and high unemployment, residential burglary in the United States has decreased, according to Stewart J. D’Alessio, professor in FIU’s Department of Criminal Justice

Palm species named after Wertheim Conservatory curator

A species of palm, Orania zonae, was named for the Scott Zona, curator for the FIU Wertheim Conservatory and faculty in the Department of Biological Sciences. Zona was part of a research team that explored the Bird’s Head Peninsula of New Guinea and discovered 11 new species. They were described for the first time in: "A monograph of the genus Orania (Arecaceae: Oranieae)" earlier this year.

Turtle tracking 101: When all else fails, call your manicurist

A team of researchers led by Florida International University researcher Kate Mansfield and Florida Atlantic University researcher Jeanette Wyneken have developed a safe and reliable method for tracking young sea turtles, to the oceans’ greatest mysteries. How did they do it? With hard work, a little ingenuity and a good manicurist.

Of life and limb

When someone loses a limb to war, accident, or disease, she can get an artificial limb that restores some of her lost movement. But even the best prosthesis doesn’t restore the sense of touch. And touch is what lets you grip an egg tightly enough that it doesn’t fall but loosely enough that you don’t smash it.

Hand-held, 3-D Imaging Device Continues to Advance

A revolutionary radiation-free, three-dimensional diagnostic imaging device developed by an FIU professor is now a step closer to widespread use in hospitals and clinics around the world.