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Grant for Everglades research renewed

An NSF grant renewal will continue research in the Everglades.

Hands-on research key component of DOE-FIU Fellows program

The 13 new inductees of the Department of Energy (DOE)-FIU Fellows program are being prepared to enter the DOE workforce in areas of technical need specific to environmental cleanup.

Alumna finds answers for food security with honeybees

Environmental studies graduate Stephany Alvarez-Ventura '11 recently received a USDA grant to fund her research.

Marine scientist to explore Arctic shorelines, habitats

FIU marine scientist Kevin Boswell is leading an effort to better understand the Arctic costal ecosystems and their contribution to Arctic productivity.

Music can improve concentration in some children with ADHD

From Rachmaninov to rock ’n’ roll, listening to music while studying may help some children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). For some, music has similar positive effects to medication.

FIU Discovery Lab telebots could help disabled officers, veterans

FIU researchers are exploring how combining telepresence and robots to help disabled police and soldiers get back into action.

FIU students awarded prestigious NSF Research Fellowships

FIU doctoral students Pamela Pimentel and Mario Consuegra receive prestigious National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships, a distinction shared by numerous Nobel Prize winners, government and public policy leaders, and private industry trailblazers.

Growing an innovation ecosystem at FIU

A new “innovation ecosystem” at FIU will move research from fundamentals to industry.

Monster larva’s identity revealed

For centuries, an elusive larval creature with armor-like horns has kept its true identity a secret.

FIU joins forces with other universities to pioneer small health and environment-monitoring devices

FIU will partner with North Carolina State University, Pennsylvania State University, and the University of Virginia on a national nanotechnology research effort to create small, wearable, self-powered devices that will help people monitor their health.

New Faculty Swell Ranks at FIU

As public universities across the nation grapple with another of several challenging budget years, new faculty orientation day 2012 at FIU was truly an affirming event. This year’s new additions help to advance the university’s strategic plan of building an outstanding faculty to teach its diverse and growing student body and to conduct world-class research.

Understanding preterm infant development helps ease their entrance into the world

Researchers use models to observe patterns of light and sound.

Funding brings new and renewed research opportunities

Summer months brought a variety of interesting funding opportunities to FIU, from new grants to renewed funding for existing projects including the Center for Research on U.S. Latino HIV/AIDS and Drug Abuse (CRUSADA), Nuclear Research Interdisciplinary Program and STEM Transformation Institute.

Researchers tackle designer drug craze

FIU researchers are focused on developing new and better methods for screening synthetic drugs

Students offered rare glimpse into world of owl monkeys

At the DuMond Conservancy, FIU researchers and students conduct hands-on research on owl monkeys

FIU leads global water projects

FIU’s Global Water for Sustainability (GLOWS) program helps address the world’s growing water crisis

Rescuing Endangered Orchids

You may have heard stories about emergency rescues of plants or animals from habitats facing imminent destruction. This is one of those stories, except that the scope of the rescue is unprecedented and the transplantation itself was—and continues to be—of great scientific significance.

WOW – FIU unveils 12-fan Wall of Wind

The WoW is the only university research facility capable of simulating Category 5 hurricane winds.

New forensic method could help police solve crimes

New gunpowder signature developed by FIU forensic researchers could tie a shooter to ammunition

FIU researcher champions Blue Carbon

Study finds restoring seagrass meadows may reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase carbon stores