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Welcome to the new Florida International University homepage. This site has revamped a three year old design and represents over a year of research and development. It has been re-launched as a contemporary, student-centered and dynamic site designed to serve the first-time visitor as well the daily user.

The institution’s web page is our calling card, a unique opportunity to make a first impression. The new website clearly communicates the many ways FIU is worlds ahead through its clean design, strategic messaging and vibrant use of images and color. This shift in focus is based on research including user testing, sites feedback, peer site reviews and will take some getting used. We are committed to working with everyone to make the FIU web presence something we can all be very proud of. The site was created under the division of External Relations by the office of Digital Communications

Homepage Banner Guidelines

The FIU homepage banners are used to highlight stories that rise above our daily stories. These are things that feature our FIU brand attributes: Entrepreneurial, International/Global, Accessible, Community-focused, Vibrant, Ideally Located.

Another qualification is that the story is aimed at the main homepage audience - prospective students. We should seek stories that appeal to this audience. The average event post or general informational update will not be posted to the banner.

The FIU News editors and Web Communications team will choose the banner highlights at their discretion.